Hydrogen fuel stations for zero emission fuel cell electric vehicles. Sign-up to learn more about this investment opportunity!

  • $5.3M grant from the California Energy Commission
  • 2018: 4.5% of new vehicles sold in California must be zero-emission vehicles
  • Toyota, Hyundai hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles available now. Honda late 2016
  • Global hydrogen generation market projected to reach $152B by 2021*
  • Hydrogen via electrolysis solves intermittent renewable energy problem
  • Your chance to partner in the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle infrastructure

What is HyGen?

HyGen Industries, Inc. is a California company dedicated to leading society’s transition to a renewable hydrogen economy through practical and commercially viable projects. Our team brings over thirty years of experience in hydrogen generation and fueling technology, spearheading the charge in achieving clean air standards in the South Coast Air Basin. Our mission is to produce and distribute renewable hydrogen fuel in partnership with station owners.

What is equity crowdfunding?

Under the JOBS Act of 2012, American companies seeking funding no longer have to restrict solicitation of investments to accredited investors. This means that anyone interested in being part of revolutionary new companies are able to invest in early stage companies and have the chance to watch their investment grow with the company. Equity crowdfunding works much the same as rewards-based crowdfunding, but instead individuals receive stock and a percentage of ownership in the company.

* This is a global forecast of the hydrogen generation market by MarketsandMarkets. For more info, please click here.

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